Five Ways to Streamline the Hiring Process

streamline hiring process

Hiring authorities are always looking for that dream candidate who’ll fit right into the position, make a real contribution and grow with the company. But some processes actually make staffing harder than it needs to be. So here are some tips to streamline the hiring process:

1. Do the math

Start looking at interviewing on a cost vs. benefit basis. How long does each team member take to conduct an interview? What is the total time and productivity lost?

2. Decide who really needs to interview a candidate

Avoid adding people to the interview team who will only work indirectly with the candidate. Better outcomes arise when the immediate supervisor plus a few direct co-workers are utilized to judge the candidate’s technical and soft skills.

3. Prep the interviewers

If the candidate is being asked the same questions by every interviewer, it becomes difficult to learn anything new. Take some time the day before to meet with the team and discuss the type of information necessary to make a sound hiring decision. This doesn’t mean creating a list of questions; a simple outline of the goals of each interviewer is adequate. What subjects is each one going to cover? What specifics are we looking for?

4. Ask the right questions

Avoid small talk that leads to conversations around hobbies or activities outside of work. Knowing that a candidate likes to vacation on the beach or hike mountain trails isn’t going to reveal much about how a candidate approaches work. Questions to stick to should reveal more about the candidate’s experience, attitude, breadth of skills and expectations.

5. Develop a post-game strategy

After the interviews, find out what each member of the team discovered, and why they think the person would be an asset to the company. Discuss the pros and cons. And don’t forget to ask the interviewers if they got any gut feelings about the candidate: do they think this candidate will fit in well?

Need help developing a streamlined hiring process? We’re pros.

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