New Year’s Career Resolutions

It’s January again and for many, that means making sound resolutions to eat healthier, exercise more or nix a bad habit or two. One set of resolutions too often overlooked are New Year’s Career Resolutions. While you’re hitting the treadmill at the gym tonight, here are a few New Career’s Resolutions to ponder in 2016.

Update Your Resume – If you aren’t in the habit of regularly updating your resume, the New Year is the perfect time to do it. Reflect on your work from the previous year and add any new accomplishments or projects you completed, new responsibilities you took on or new skills you acquired. Resolve to review the older content and delete any previous roles, responsibilities and skills no longer relevant to your career goals.

Set a Reading Goal – A reading goal could be 15 minutes a day or a set number of articles per day. In order to stay ahead in your career, it’s critical to stay on top of new industry and field trends. Find books and news outlets dedicated to your area of expertise and resolve to read from one of them every day.

Ask Your Boss for a New Challenge – Growing a career means growing skills and gaining more experience. With the fresh start of a new year, this is an excellent time to ask your boss to let you try a new type of project that can reasonably fit into your schedule. Reflect on some skills you would like to strengthen. Brainstorm a few different project ideas and pitch to your boss the expected results and benefits to the overall goals of the organization. Be bold!

Learn a New Skill or Perfect an Existing One – This is a resolution you can work on throughout the year. Do a self-evaluation to determine what skills you are lacking that might be holding you back in your career. When you’ve settled on one, do some internet searches for free webinars for that skill and start learning. Or if you have the means, pay for a highly recommended workshop or certificate program. Great companies help invest in employee skill development, so check with your boss or HR department to see if they are willing to cover some or all of the costs to obtain a formal education on the subject.

An investment in “New Year, New You” can reap great rewards in your career and in other aspects of your life as well. As we begin 2016, remember that the only person responsible and in control of reaching your career goals is YOU, so take ownership of it. So while you prepare the latest kale and quinoa dinner, decide how you want to move your career forward this year, and then resolve to do it!

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