Feeling lost in the digital sea? Chart a successful course with our UX strategy and consulting services.

We guide businesses like yours to identify their "Digital North Star" – a user-centered vision that fuels exceptional experiences and year over year (YoY) revenue growth.

Lost in the Digital Wilderness?

The digital landscape is vast and ever-changing. Without a clear direction, it’s easy to get lost, creating products that miss the mark, fail to engage users or worse add risk to current revenue.

We Help You Find Your Digital North Star

Our UX strategy and consulting services act as your expert guide. We collaborate with you to define your unique “Digital North Star” – a strategic vision built around a deep understanding of your users and their needs relative to the market and current market conditions.

The Akraya Process

User Research & Analysis.

We uncover your users' motivations, behaviors, and pain points through in-depth research.

Strategic Roadmap Development.

We create a clear roadmap that outlines your UX goals and the steps to achieve them.

Competitive Landscape Assessment.

We analyze your competitors' strengths and weaknesses to identify opportunities for differentiation.

Experience Mapping & Journey Blueprinting.

We visualize the user journey across all touchpoints, pinpointing areas for improvement.

Information Architecture & Design Thinking.

We design a user-centered information architecture for intuitive and engaging experiences.

Benefits of Finding Your Digital North Star

Improved User Satisfaction & Loyalty.

Create products and services that users love so much it keeps coming back for more.


Make data-driven decisions that optimize your digital investments and drive digital business growth.

Brand Reputation.

Build a positive digital brand image synonymous with user-centric innovation.

Streamlined Development Process.

Focus your resources on features and functionalities that truly matter to users.

Don't Just Survive, Really Thrive in a Modern Digital Age

With our guidance, you’ll transform your digital presence from a meandering path to a clear and purposeful journey. Let us help you find your Digital North Star and unlock the full potential of your total experience.

Ready to chart your course to success?

Ready to chart your course to success?

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