Diversity Recruiting

Let our Women Back to Work initiative help you bridge the gap. 

Build A More Diverse Team Of Professionals

A diverse team means more creative and better solutions.

Numerous studies have shown, and our clients tell us, that a workplace with employees of differing ethnicities, cultural backgrounds, and genders produces better results. Results that are more innovative and creative than a more homogenous workplace.  

However, we fully recognize the challenges of sourcing, hiring, and building a diverse team of employees. It’s not easy. There is often a severe gap between wanting a diverse workplace and putting an effective plan in place to build one.

Let our Women Back to Work (WBW) initiative help you bridge that gap. 

Akraya is an industry leader among diversity recruiting agencies. Our WBW program provides a systematic pathway to facilitate the reentry of women into the workforce. This increases gender diversity and often cultural diversity. The women in the WBW program come from a variety of professional backgrounds, including IT, engineering, leadership, management, sales, finance, operations, marketing, HR, and administration, among others. 

Our approach includes sourcing, skills assessment, job matching, training, and mentoring that helps women returnees ensure they are prepared, and sets them up for success in the workplace and beyond. Our commitment to excellence has earned us a reputation for excellence among diversity recruiting companies in the industry.

Visit womenbacktowork.org to learn more about our unique initiative and how we can help you improve gender diversity hiring and build a more diverse team of professionals. 

Diversity in the Workplace
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