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Companies today are required to provide a seamless digital experience across all devices. This requires a range of marketing and creative professionals who can work together to create targeted, responsive, and often beautiful things. But finding the right people when you need them can be a challenge and not every marketing recruiting agency is the same.

Welcome to Akraya, where we do things differently. We are an award-winning marketing staffing agency, and our database is filled exceptional marketing and creative talent. And we also have recruiters who know how to find them. We’ve done it for many leading companies and can do it for your organization as well.

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Data Collection, Clean, and Analyzing

The Types Of Positions We Fill Include:

Akraya, Inc.

Google Core UX

Google’s Core UX Team creates intuitive, beautiful, user-centered designs across platforms to create powerful visuals that highlight every Google product’s unique personality. The team’s work touches billions while exemplifying one of

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Jeff Monaghan


As the Google workforce returned to the office after state-imposed, pandemic-related restrictions, there was a need to fully understand the requirements, access, and tools needed

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Jeff Monaghan

Data Collection

Google needed a multi-workstream, cross-team research effort to measure satisfaction and sentiment for Google’s internal tools and related processes. To do this, a survey needed

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