Akraya is passionate about matching great people with great opportunities.

Ask Anyone On Our Team, "Why Akraya?" And The Answer Is The Same

We joined Akraya to be part of a company that is passionate about matching great people with great opportunities. At Akraya, we are fortunate to be in an industry where our work is rewarding beyond the financial compensation. We are rewarded every time a client recognizes our contributions that support the success of their project. We are rewarded every time a candidate appreciates us finding them their dream job!

From Our Two-Member Days, It Was Paramount That We Build Akraya On Trust 

And this has been our defining phrase: trusted talent. We work with talented consultants who trust us to take care of them in the way of fair market rates, compensation, benefits, support, training, and encouragement. In the same breath, we work with customers who trust us to be transparent with them by providing the right resources and taking full responsibility. Even as recruiting becomes a punishingly fast game, our values of trust and transparency have kept us in good stead. We work as a team, grow as a team, and succeed as a team.

Akraya Values The Autonomy Of Its Employees And Does Not Micromanage Or Delegate

The founders of the organization get their hands dirty in everyday activities of the organization even today. Team leaders encourage employees to take up more responsibility, where mistakes are not penalized but used as examples to learn from. OK, so we also have fun. Quite a bit of it. Even so, pressures abound. But we manage to handle it with grace while finding time to break out, shoot some pool, or grab a couple of beers. The Akraya team also joins forces to participate in charity and community events like the Race for Literacy.

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