Hiring from a Hiring Manager Perspective

Hiring Manager Juggling

Candidates must thoroughly prepare for how to present themselves effectively in job interviews and make strong impressions on hiring managers. In previous posts, we discussed What Hiring Managers are Looking For and What Kind of Person gets Hired.

Here, we step into the hiring authority’s shoes and look at many things they might be taking into consideration when making the decision to hire:

The Landscape

Hiring managers in the technology sector not only seek specific traits, they work against the clock. In their world, fast-paced deliverables and strict launch schedules dominate the industry. Other organizations around the globe with the same IT capabilities are trying to beat them to the market. So finding candidates quickly, who can hit the ground running, and be patient through interview cycles are among their challenges.

The Common Need

Hiring managers need to find people who are highly adaptive to working with different teams of technical and creative people. They have to have strong skills in critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, brainstorming and working towards common goals. In the end, a project will only turn out as well as the combined efforts of its developers.

The Shared Environment

People in IT must work under tight deadlines and use different technologies to work and communicate. If you can sell yourself as an effective communicator and team player in both online and on-site teams, you will make a better impression on the hiring manager.

A hiring manager’s work is never quite done. In addition to making hiring decisions, they are busy with retention, engagement and management of everyday activities.

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