Make data-driven decisions that delight your users and drive real business results.

Akraya offers comprehensive UX mixed method research services combining quantitative, qualitative, and data analysis to give you a complete picture of your business Total Experience (TX) including customer experience, employee experience and more.

The User-Centric Advantage

In today’s competitive digital landscape, understanding your users is critical. But guesswork and assumptions won’t cut it. Professional UX research provides the data- driven insights you need to create products and services sure to resonate with your target audience.

Why Invest in UX Research?

Identify and address usability issues early, saving time and money during development.

Optimize your website and app for conversions by understanding user behavior and the most common pain points.

Design intuitive and enjoyable experiences that lead to higher user satisfaction, engagement and brand loyalty.

Stand out in the market with user-centered products that deliver a superior experience setting your brand out from the rest.

Our UX Research Expertise

Our Consultants assess every Client’s unique set of research questions and prescribes the best methodologies to answer those questions.

Quantitative Research.

We gather data on user behavior and preferences through surveys, A/B testing, and analytics.

Mixed Methods.

We combine quantitative and qualitative approaches for a holistic understanding of the user experience.

Qualitative Research

We gain in-depth insights into user needs, motivations, and pain points through user interviews, card sorting, and usability testing.

Our Process

1. Discovery. We work closely with you to understand your business goals and user needs.
2. Research Planning. We design a customized research plan tailored to your specific challenges.
3. Data Collection. We employ a variety of research methods to gather rich user data.
4. Analysis & Reporting. We analyze the data to identify key insights and actionable recommendations.
5. Collaboration. We work with you to translate insights into practical design decisions.

Invest in User-Centric Design

Do not leave your product’s success to chance. Don’t guess. Our professional UX research services will equip you with the knowledge for you to make data-driven decisions to drive user satisfaction and qualified business growth.

Ready to unlock the value of user research findings and recommendations for your product or service?

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