Should You Follow Up After A Job Interview?


You just finished with a job interview for a position that you would really like and are very qualified for. Now is it “wait and see” time, or should you follow up after job the interview? Here’s one way to look at it that was recently published in the CollegeRecruiter.com blog – “Decide now to make a first impression twice by sending a follow-up cover letter to each contact person or lead you’ve been in touch with before.”

It is easy to become very anxious to hear something back when you have an interview that you believe went quite well. You can become torn between feeling like you are being a pest if you contact them again, yet there are several ways that you can do this tactfully that may actually create a better impression of the type of individual you really are.

Thank-you Letter

Immediately following your interview – Send out a well-worded thank-you type letter mailed promptly after your interview shows that you possess the common courtesy that is often lacking in our society today. Mention that you realize how busy they are and that you appreciate their time and the opportunity. As was pointed out in the post that was referenced here “Everyone appreciates being appreciated! So inspire others with your gratitude and your good manners, as well as smart business sense, by writing an appropriate follow up cover letter.”

Demonstrate Energy

Show your enthusiasm – A thank you letter not only shows your good manners, but additionally demonstrates that you are an enthusiastic and energetic individual. These are all qualities that are important to recruiters who are seeking new employees. This is also an opportunity for you to touch on something that perhaps you didn’t mention in the interview, and you’d like to make sure they are aware of.

Request Another Contact Opportunity

Seek a second chance – you can use the thank-you letter to request another opportunity to speak with them so that you can further inform them of your goals or what you have in mind for that position, which will benefit the growth of their company, increase sales, make them more efficient and so on.
Demonstrate That They Need You

Express your desire for more than just a paycheck –
While most employees are in it for the personal gain and the paycheck, an employer is always happy to hire an employee who has “contributing to the success of the company” as one of their main objectives.

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