The Do’s and Don’ts of LinkedIn Endorsements


Back in September, LinkedIn launched a new endorsement feature allowing users to endorse their connection’s skills with a click of a button. Since then, there has been some backlash about the feature with many saying that endorsing skills has no meaningful value and that is about as useful as a “Like”. But used the right way, endorsements can provide social proof to what you are good at. Below are some DO’S and DON’TS on how to use LinkedIn endorsements so they are more valuable to you and others.

Someone endorsed my skill; do I have to endorse them back?

DON’T endorse someone back because you feel like you have to return the favor.

DO endorse someone back if you are 100% certain about that persons skill set.

Who should I ask to endorse my skills?

DON’T send out a message to all of your connections asking them to endorse you.

DO seek endorsements from people who know your work well. It’s best to ask someone who you are currently working on a project with to endorse you.

I got an endorsement from someone I barely know or remember; do I endorse them back?

DON’T endorse the person back. Would you write a recommendation for someone you don’t know? If it really bothers you that they endorsed you, you can always hide that person endorsement.

DO use this as opportunity to reconnect. You never know where the relationship might lead.

I am not going to fill out my skills and expertise section so I won’t get endorsed.

DON’T wait to fill out your skills and expertise because people can endorse you for a skill that is not listed on your profile.

DO fill out your skills and expertise area with skills you deem most important. This way you will get endorsed for the skills you know you have.

How do you feel about LinkedIn endorsements? Leave a comment below!

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