How To Get The Most Mileage Out Of Your LinkedIn Profile


LinkedIn is a valuable resource for business professionals to make connections that lead to job opportunities and other ventures, so use it to its full potential. That starts with a completed profile. More people will know you, connect with you and increase your chances of success. A 100% completed profile gets you noticed, but it isn’t enough to have a completed profile. These Linkedin profile tips are made to optimize your page and give you maximum exposure.

Make LinkedIn search-engine friendly with keywords: Take that SEO tip you learned from marketing your website and apply it to your LinkedIn page. Have keywords that relate to you and your page. Have various keywords ranging from specific to broad. Place them in your name, company names, headline, skills and job titles; they rank the highest in search engines. Just don’t overdo it. Sprinkle it enough for search engines to notice.

Add tons of information to your profile: LinkedIn is not limited to the features listed on the profile page. You are allowed to attach apps to your profile. Documents, blogs, images, videos, and slideshare presentations are great to bring real life examples to your profile. Adding test scores, languages, projects, patents, certifications, publications, awards/honors and volunteering/causes bring value to your profile. Attach these apps and keep visitors coming back.

Take advantage of LinkedIn’s endorsement and recommendation features: Endorsements are the easiest way to approve, agree or like their skills listed on their profile. It adds credibility to your profile when so many people endorse your skills. With recommendations others are writing (in detail) how good of a worker you are. It’s a seal of approval from someone you know that is proudly displayed on your profile. Be sure to endorse their skills and give them recommendations in return as it shows courtesy and humbleness; it’s not all about you.

Get engaged on LinkedIn: Comment on someone else’s topics in all the groups you joined. Start a conversation in your groups so others can engage with you. Comment on company blogs in your update stream and company pages. Add news feeds and blog posts. Keep information relevant. Every time something is happening (a new job, a new skill, education updates, etc) add it to your profile. Updates like this keep you relevant in news feed on your networks’ home pages. This is not a set it and forget it profile. Starting and participating in conversations helps out a lot.

Add connections: LinkedIn encourages connections, so get connected. Search for everyone you know and send invites to them. Invites with a personal touch have a better chance of making a connection than the generic “I want to add you to my network on LinkedIn.” Use your email address book so LinkedIn can search for you. Anyone that doesn’t have a LinkedIn account in your book will get invites to join the network. This pulls you up in search results. Search for keywords on your profile and look at the profiles with that keyword in there.

LinkedIn has a way of changing how you conduct business. Contact us for more information about LinkedIn and our current job postings.

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