What To Do When You Are Unemployed On LinkedIn

Being unemployed can be hard, announcing it on LinkedIn to all your connections can be even harder. But updating your LinkedIn profile correctly can actually have a beneficial impact on your job search. When you update your LinkedIn professional headline and current position, it will let your network and connections know you are out of work and they might be able to help you find a new job. Who is going to recommend you for an opening if they don’t know you’re looking for a job? So the question is, what do you list on your LinkedIn profile when you are unemployed? Below are Professional Headline and Current Position examples that will help present you in a positive light to prospective employers.

Unemployed LinkedIn Professional Headline Examples:

  • Experienced Retail Manager available for new opportunity -use keywords, such has previous job titles
  • Operations Logistic Professional Seeking Work
  • Sales professional in transition
  • Open to Opportunities
  • Unemployed and Looking for Work
  • Customer Services Representative currently exploring options
  • Recent College Graduate Seeking Entry Level Marketing Position

Other keywords to us:

  • Currently in transition, Selectively evaluating opportunities in the field of (Profession), Interested in New Experience, Experienced in (Profession), Seeking New (Profession) Opportunity, Seeking my next great opportunity

Unemployed LinkedIn Current Position Examples:

  • Looking for a job in HR at Unemployed
  • Student at College.edu
  • Consultant at Self-Employed
  • Open to Opportunities at Seeking New Position
  • Seeking a Position at Unemployed
  • Unemployed and looking for a great job at Unemployed
  • Freelance Writer at Self-Employed

Ask past co-workers to write you recommendations on your LinkedIn profile and update your LinkedIn status asking if anyone knows of any openings. You don’t have to just stay on LinkedIn; you should also be strategically networking on other social media platforms.

Remember: It’s easy for potential employers to check your background, so it is always important to be honest.