Online Interactive Resumes: Don’t Send Your Resume, Share Your Story

Most job seekers focus on job search engines when posting their resume online. However, a new kind of resume is evolving, the online interactive resume. Interactive resumes, also known as multimedia resumes can include video, audio, text, links, and graphics, which add an entirely new dimension to the job search. Modern technology makes it possible to create an eye catching resume that will help a job seeker stand out form the rest. Listed below are the top 3 interactive resume websites we think will help job seekers stand out in an innovated way.


Re.vu is a free interactive resum e site that lets users create an infographic that represents the story of their career, milestones, online presence and more. Re.vu makes it simple and quick for anyone to create a visual resume. Users can enable re.vu to transfer all their information from their LinkedIn account.  In the end, each resume is unique because re.ve lets its users customize their resume settings, so their resume is memorable and represents them. What is great about re.vu, is that it offers a variety of widgets to show your skills, job duties, and even languages and interests.

re.vu is good for:

  • Everyone, especially recent graduates
  • Careers in design, marketing, advertisement, finance, business


Vizualize.me integrates with existing social networks, like LinkedIn, to automatically transform your online profile into a beautiful inforgraphic for free. This site enables its users to express their professional accomplishments in a simple, yet compelling personal visualization. What is great about this website is that it allows you to create colorful graphs, timelines and diagrams. Once you create your resume, get it made into a T-shirt for even more exposure.

Vizulize.me is good for:

  • Recent graduates
  • Careers in design, marketing, business, advertising
  • Quantifying information


Purzue is a flexible, dynamic, and multimedia resume builder. Unlike re.vu and vizulize.me, Purzue templates are properly formatted and standardized, like traditional resumes. Purzue also provides resume analytics so users always know if their resume is truly getting looked at. They also have a video chat feature, where employers can request an interview and speak with the candidate without ever leaving the resume page. The monthly fee to use Purzue is $4.95 but try Purzue out for free for 30 days.

Purzue is good for:

  • Recent graduates to executive level
  • All professions
  • Formal business resumes

Remember: The first step to getting a job is getting noticed.

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