Job Prospects for Front-End Developers


Choosing a career is daunting. So many people are unhappy in their careers, and further challenged by the prospect of a career change every couple of years just to stay marketable in your area of expertise. If you are looking for a career that is in high demand and allows creative freedom without having to completely change careers to stay on course, consider Front-End Development.

A front-end developer designs and maintains websites, portals, web apps and uses a variety of tools including HTML(5), JavaScript and CSS(3). This is one of the careers you don’t need a degree for IF you have a robust portfolio of work that speaks for itself.

Although these jobs are in high demand there are certain places that are best to work. Location is everything when it comes to salary. Using Payscale you will find that the best cities to work in are San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, D.C., and Atlanta.

We understand that there are many levels of expertise in IT which encompasses executives, architects and program/project managers, but to frame the expectations of a developer just starting out, here are some benchmarks to your first three levels of experience:

  • Junior: At the junior level your responsibilities are basic, but might include more maintenance and quality assurance work than actual design (programming from scratch).
  • Mid-level: Upon becoming a mid-level developer, you are expected to know more of the latest technologies and how to work well with them, your experience in designing should grow and you should expect to reach a professional level of speed and efficiency.
  • Senior-level: When you have reached senior-level, you can handle a single project and finish it swiftly and efficiently with any system. By this time you should also be an expert coder, be capable of building from scratch and possess an demonstrable comprehension of APIs.

If this sounds like a career you would be interested in and you already have a portfolio, contact us. We can connect you with rewarding work and awesome projects.

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