[TBT] Top 5 Must-Have iPhone Applications

[Editor’s Note] This throwback Thursday, Akraya is bringing back the Top 5 Must Have iPhone Applications.
Originally published July 31, 2013, these apps have withstood the test of time and are still active today.

iPhone Applications

Recently, we outlined the Top 5 Must-Have Android Applications from the Android Play Market. So it only seemed fitting and fair that we take the step across the great-mobile-device-divide and present you with the same thing from the Apple App Store. And while this task wasn’t the easiest of fares to accomplish (because picking only five from the vastness of the Apple app world is nearly impossible), we would like to make it known that none of the apps described here comes pre-installed on your device, which usually includes a core group of basics designed to satisfy most users.

So here they are, ranging from useful to playful and some designed to replace the stock app all together, we present you with the “Top 5 Must-Have Apple Applications” for iOS.

1.Find My iPhone: One would think this app would come pre-installed, but alas, it does not. Which is precisely why you need it. In addition to what the name implies as its function, it also allows for a single device to track multiples device, making it indispensable for families. So if your iPhone 5 gets lost and is no longer under contract, you could shell out the nearly $600 to replace it, or log into me.com; use the Find My iPhone app and send a sound and/or a message or remotely wipe your phone and lock it. Making it useful in many situations, and all for free.

2. Dropbox: Using the power of the cloud is like using a giant partitioned hard drive in the sky, and Dropbox has this down to a science. This app makes it easy to sync data like spreadsheets and documents between many devices. Write a document on your computer, and Dropbox will automatically sync that document and make it available on your iOS device. Ease of use is key and Dropbox is simple, stream-lined, and, best of all, free.

3. Google Maps: But, Apple has a maps application. Yeah, we know. But the iOS app suffers from a host of problems (inadequate data and improper directions, to name a few). In addition to being the original maps app for iPhone, Google has been at it for a long time, and has perfected the art of the maps app. Download it and give it a try if you have not. We think this free app will win your over.

4. Facebook: A recent study confirmed that people are not only obsessed with their smart phones, but can’t get enough of social media apps, specifically Facebook. The average user checks their Facebook 14 times a day. This seemingly obsessive compulsion has helped make Facebook the third most popular app on any market. Now, we know that not everyone has a Facebook (hey, some people don’t like to admit certain things), but if you are among the millions that do, and you haven’t tried out this app, you’re missing out. It’ll change how you use social media. Oh, and it’s not pre-installed, so really this recommendation is just a reminder to install it while you have access to Wi-Fi.

5. WebMD: Rounding out the Top 5 is a different kind of security app: health. Having this app is like having an insurance policy, you never think you need it until you do. It acts and run very similar to the website of the same name, has a massive library of references to first aid and emergency healthcare, and even comes with a database of local health listings so that you can find the nearest hospital, pharmacy or physician. WebMd is one of those apps that you will be grateful that you had in an emergency situation, and could quite possibly save the life of you or someone else. And, of course, it’s free.

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