6 Ways to Keep Your Job Search Positive

With all of its ups and downs, a long term job search can become quite tiring. Sometimes it can feel like your efforts are futile, but don’t despair! Instead, turn to a few of the following tips to keep your spirits positive.

Don’t forget to take a break
While you should be spending at least several hours a day on your job search, it’s certainly okay to take a break from the resumes and cover letters. It will keep you feeling fresh and help you look at things with a more critical eye.

Mix in a little fun
Take your job search offline and incorporate it into a fun activity. Try visiting a popular hang out spot for professionals in your industry during the prime hours of 5:30 – 7:30pm, like a restaurant or a lounge. Unwind with your fellow professionals and mix some casual networking in with your socializing.

Learn a new skill
Has there ever been an area of your profession that you have always wanted to explore, but simply did not have the bandwidth? Register for a class in that subject and devote a portion of your day to add value to your overall package. This can also serve as yet another valuable opportunity meet other professionals in your industry.

Let go of the wheel
Why isn’t my resume getting a response? Will I get selected for the position? Though we may believe we are the perfect fit for the job, there are usually important factors surrounding an open position that we are not aware of. To a certain extent, many aspects of the job search are beyond your control, so try not to fixate on them. Instead, do your part to ensure that you have done your best with all aspects you do have a say in.

Stay current
Ensure that you stay up to date on the latest news in your field. Being able to discuss the most current events will be invaluable during networking situations, helping to build your credibility and demonstrate you are still invested in your profession. One method to accomplish this is to use Google Alerts to be instantly notified when a new article appears online about the selected topic.

Volunteer your time
There are always people in need of assistance this time of year. Spend a little bit of time helping those who are less fortunate than you and you’ll really feel the holiday cheer!

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