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title=”Looking for a new employment opportunity” src=”https://www.akraya.com/wp-content/uploads/attachments/Looking-for-a-new-employment-opportunity1.jpg” alt=”” width=”240″ height=”221″ />With the US unemployment rate at 10.80 percent, competition continues to be fierce in the job market. New positions are being posted daily, but it can be frustrating when your resume fails generate as much response as you would like. If you’re having trouble with your online job search, here are several tips that will make your efforts more effective and increase your chances of getting hired.

Visit Specialized Job Boards
Many companies post their open positions on job boards to capitalize on their high visibility rates. Rather than casting a wide net and spreading yourself thinly between too many job sites, focus on job boards that specialize in your field. This method will present relevant positions that are more likely to be a match. For example, If you’re in the tech industry, check out Dice.com. Creative professionals might want to visit Krop.com.

Act Quickly
RSS Feeds can be used on job boards to alert you of open positions as soon as they are posted. Employers are often flooded with qualified resumes, so applying as quickly as possible will always be to your advantage.

Customize Each Resume for the Job Description
Take the time to tweak each resume to better fit the job description. Even though you may be applying to similar positions, each job description will have key phrases you will want to pay close attention to. Due to the increasing volume of applicants, many companies use filtering software to sift through the most relevant resumes. Don’t get lost in the shuffle – try to avoid using industry slang and abbreviations on your resume and focus on repeating key phrases and certifications throughout.

Let Work Find You!
Recruiters for the biggest companies regularly scout job boards for talent, so take a few moments to upload your resume to a few of the most relevant job boards. Be sure to include your contact information in your profile.

Enlist Help From the Professionals
An often underutilized resource for job searchers is the job listings on staffing firms’ career portals. Working with a staffing firm who specializes in your industry to land a contract or full time role is a smart way to go. Quality staffing firms have established relationships with companies in your area, and often have the inside scoop on open positions long before the general public becomes aware of them. Plus, the recruiter who helps you land a job can continue to be a great resource for you in the future.

When searching online isn’t yielding the results you’re after, remember that in person networking can also provide that extra connection needed to get the role you’re looking for!

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