What to Say When a Recruiter Calls

Whether you’re currently employed or not, receiving a call from a recruiter about a job position is always a surprise. You may wonder how they found your resume, or want them to answer more of your questions before you answer theirs. Either way, how you handle the next few minutes of your interaction could work for or against your favor.

If You’re Intersted
-Answer questions honestly
The recruiter reached out to you because your resume matches the skill sets they are looking for, but that does not mean that the position has your name on it. The recruiter often takes the initial conversation as an opportunity to screen you further, so don’t exaggerate or leave out any important details about your work history. You don’t want the reference check to reveal any surprises.
-Keep your recruiter in the loop
If you are already have multiple job offers in hand and time is of the essence, let your recruiter know. They may be able to expedite the interview process to accommodate your circumstances or provide you with a more competitive offer.
-What’s the timeline?
Communication between you and your recruiter should flow both ways. Ask your recruiter to give you an estimate on when you might  hear back from them with an update on your resume status. If the client is interested, your recruiter should call you back with timeslots for phone interviews.

If You Are Undecided
-Take a few minutes
If you are unsure about the recruiter’s proposition, or if you need time to process the information given to you, it is certainly okay to tell the recruiter to send you the job description and you will call them back. Your recruiter shouldn’t mind waiting – they want you to comfortable pursing the opportunity.
-Research the firm
Do a little research on the firm that’s offering to submit you as a candidate. Does it seem like they regularly handle candidates in your career field? Check the Press Room or About section on their website. Is the company respected throughout the staffing industry? If you are not reassured by what you find, you may want to reconsider finding a job through them.

If You’re Not Intersted
-Hear them out
Even if you currently are not looking for a change in employment, it may be in your best interest to speak with the recruiter for a few minutes. The fact that they selected you to call means that your background is relevant for the types of positions they regularly fill. That same recruiter may even turn out to be a helpful resource in the future if you ever return to the job market.
-Offer a Helping Hand
Most recruiters would appreciate you offering to spread the word among your qualified colleagues who are looking for employment. That simple gesture should end the conversation on a positive note.

What ever your answer is, when a recruiter gives you a surprise call, you’ll be ready!

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