Phone Interview? No Problem!

The first step to landing a job is doing well in the phone interview. Hiring managers use phone interviews as a screening method, and to make it past this first round you need to assure the hiring manger that you have the necessary communications skills and experience needed for the position.

Since there can be no face to face communication, it can be easy to get lost in the shuffle. Keep these tips in mind to ensure you portray yourself over the phone just as well as you would in person.

Take advantage of the Phone
Since you have the freedom to choose your own location to take the call, why not keep a few notes out that you might normally have to leave behind? Take this opportunity to keep your resume and the job description out for reference. This would be especially handy if you have applied to multiple positions in a short time frame. You can also jot down any questions you have to ask at the end of your interview, which will show you were taking an active interest in the conversation.

Etiquette Rules Still Apply
The hiring manager has to form his first impression of you on much less data than if it you were speaking in person. With this in mind, you’ll want to be polite and covey your listening and comprehension skills. Apply standard etiquette rules to your phone conversation. Do not interrupt, and you may want to speak a bit slower than usual.

Location Matters
Even though you may not have to leave the comfort of your own living room, it would be to your advantage to simulate an interview environment. This means you’ll want to have a quiet, calm area to take the call in. Devote at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the call to separate yourself from your previous activities and get into the proper interview mindset. Review the job position, jot down a few notes and be confident in your abilities.

Prepare Well
Remember, the interviewer cannot see you, so use this to your advantage. It also could help to have some talking points written down about topics the hiring manger is likely to ask. You’ll also want to have a list of accomplishments as they relate to the current position.

And lastly, smile! Your positivity is one thing that is always conveyed through the phone.

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