Searching for the perfect remote job

Most companies are heading toward a hybrid working model, where employees rotate in and out of offices with shared spaces. This might become effective from the second quarter this year.

Here are the top findings of the LinkedIn poll we sent out earlier.


Remote work is the way people want to work

We took a poll amongst our database of candidates and found the shift in positive attitude regarding remote work is significant. 73% of those polled said they want to work fully remote, 24% are happy to work in a hybrid model, and a mere 3% want to work in an office full time.

A remote job is a position which can be performed from any location away from the office premises. Technology plays a big part in remote jobs where communication and the exact work happens on a device.


Hybrid model is here to stay

Even though most people want to work in a fully remote environment, some of them still want to occasionally meet and work in an office. According to our poll, 24% of people prefer a hybrid model and the reason being that the hybrid working model allows employees to combine onsite and offsite work as per their choice.

A hybrid model promotes work/life balance as well as the benefits of working onsite, i.e. building relationships and networking with co-workers.

With the changing work environment, most people have adjusted to working remotely from their homes. With labor shortages in today’s market, the job seeker has an upper hand and is looking for flexibility. Flexibility and working remotely are the new norms.

Before the pandemic, employees were tied to the place where companies were located, as 2020 passed, it became obvious we were entering a new age in a work environment where employees could live in places where they wanted to and work from there. Workers could have the best of both worlds.


Find a remote job

Here are a few points on how to get that perfect remote job:

Look online

Look for online job search websites like Indeed, Dice, ZipRecruiter, CareerBuilder, Monster, and ours, Akraya.com. You should be able to find a wide range of technical jobs that are fully remote. In fact, many job boards offer a filter for finding remote roles.

If you search for remote jobs on google, it might show you lots of remote jobs. Check the website where the remote jobs are Before applying, make sure the website is reliable.

We do highly recommend starting with our job search as we are a Staffing Industry Analysts “Best Staffing Firm to Work For” award winners and a Glassdoor “Best Places to Work” winner. Akraya is the staffing provider of choice for many leading companies across the US. We have a search filter that allows job seekers to find roles that are 100% remote. You can also register for job alerts for remote roles so you will be the first to know when these jobs are available.


Get connected with the recruiters

We suggest you get connected with multiple staffing firm recruiters and make them aware of what you are looking for. There has been a surge in remote jobs and the industry today is ready to hire talent from across the world.

Each job on our website connects you with a recruiter for that job. Go ahead and get connected and build a relationship. The recruiter will be more than happy to send you jobs even before they are published.

Working remotely, especially in technical roles, is now commonplace. There are many resources you can leverage to find the perfect remote role, and you’ll want to take advantage of all of them. But at the top of your list, be sure to include Akraya.