We are proud to announce that Akraya’s CEO, Amar Panchal, has been awarded the Vistage Leadership Award for his leadership and for making impactful decisions that go beyond supporting Akraya’s employees, families, and communities.

The Vistage Leadership award is given to a member who has made impactful decisions that benefit their companies, families, and communities. They embody the Vistage values of trust, caring, challenge, and growth.



Amar Panchal founded Akraya in 2001. He possesses over 20 years of management, international business development, technology consulting, product management, and software engineering experience.

“Outstanding leaders go out of their way to help their people. They know with the right support; people can accomplish amazing things. Amar has always been one of those leaders and has been the reason behind Akraya’s success,” says Nehal Barot, VP, Delivery.

As a Co-Founder of a high-growth services company, Amar leads by example. Clients consistently appreciate his dedication to delivering outside-the-box custom solutions to meet any challenge. Amar’s eye for talent and his deep-seated faith in empowerment and accountability has helped Akraya grow into an employee-driven organization where each team member values autonomy and respects the responsibility that comes with it.

According to Sagar Nair, VP Recruiting Operations, “Leadership is about making others better because of your presence and ensuring the impact lasts in your absence. True leaders delegate and empower people to go out and do their best. Amar does this with so much ease. He believes in you, trusts your judgement, and gives you the freedom to do the right thing. “

Congratulations, Amar! The Akraya team is proud to have you as our leader.