3 Must Know Tips for Working Effectively with Technical Recruiters


tips_working_with_recruiter1Technical Recruiters at staffing firms are often relied upon to help companies source, screen, and hire talent that their internal recruiting teams may not have the expertise to find. As a result, if you are a technical professional looking for a new opportunity, it’s important to find few good Technical Recruiters that have an expertise placing people with your skill set. This is fairly easy to do by researching the web and sending a few emails or making a few phone calls. Then, once you find them, you’ll want to position yourself as a great candidate that they’ll want to submit to their clients. Here are three tips a technical job seeker should follow for an effective partnership with any Recruiter. 

Tip #1- Be Honest
Honesty is the best policy and produces the best results when working with any Technical Recruiter. Job seekers should be upfront about their skill set, work history, education, and salary requirements.  This information makes the Recruiter more effective and reduces the chance of miscommunications that can cause issues in the recruiting and hiring process. Failing to honestly communicate essential information often wastes time, slows down the hiring process, and makes it less likely that the Recruiter will feel comfortable submitting you to their clients.

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Tip #2- Keep Your Resume Format Simple
Recruiters move quickly. They don’t have time to decipher fancy resume formatting. Use a simple, straight-forward format and make the sections on your resume clear and concise. Use common headers for each section like Summary, Work Experience, Technical Skills, and Certifications. The Recruiters clients also don’t want to see fancy resume formats. So if you send something the Recruiter feels won’t be to their clients liking, its likely that the Recruiter will have to reformat it or he/she will ask you to. Save everyone time and effort and keep it simple from the start.

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Tip #3- Trust the Process
As a candidate, it can be difficult to let go and trust that the Technical Recruiter will present you to their client in the best light possible. But remember, the Recruiter’s job is to place people. That’s often how they get paid, or at least earn a bonus. Submitting candidates, securing interviews, and getting hires is how their performance is evaluated. So if you’ve communicated honestly with the Recruiter and put together a great resume, the Recruiter will be able to do the rest. 

If you follow these tips, you will have a very effective working relationship with any Technical Recruiter.