What Kind of Person Gets Hired?

Woman Practicing Good Posture In Front Of A Mirror

You have an interview all lined up for the job you have always wanted and you feel well-prepared for it. What kind of person is a hiring manager really looking for?

A Person Who Has the Look They Want

If you are going for an interview at a start-up company, then you certainly don’t want to show up in three-piece suit with a tie. Familiarize yourself with the dress code of the company you are trying to work for and dress one-up to their current standards. When in doubt, remember to dress conservatively and professionally. Hiring managers will not only take note of what you are wearing, but how well you present yourself. So avoid arriving late with messy bedhead hair.

A Person with More than Qualifications

You could be the most qualified person they interview with the most pristine resume and all the right credentials, but if you lack personality, enthusiasm or integrity, a hiring manager may choose someone else. A person who brings a good attitude to work and is willing to learn will have a better chance at getting the job than someone without those traits.

A Real Person

Understandably, interviews cause a lot of anxiety. While you do want to come prepared, you shouldn’t try to memorize everything and recite generic answers that every hiring manager has heard before. Put thought into how you will answer potential questions while also showing your unique qualities and experiences.

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