How to Effectively Fill in Gaps in Your Resume

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You’re ready to get to work but worry about the gaps in employment on your resume. You wonder if recruiters will immediately dismiss you as a candidate due to these lapses in employment. Fortunately, there are some ways you can present yourself in a positive light to prospective employers, despite the holes in your resume. Below we will discuss ways that you can fill in gaps in your resume so that you can get back to work:

Temporary work. Some people dismiss temporary jobs while unemployed because they’re looking for long-term work. However, temporary work is a great way to fill in gaps in your resume while you continue to look for permanent work. Even short-term assignments will show potential employers that you stayed busy and kept your skills updated while unemployed.

Contract work. Like temporary employment, contract work is often an effective way to stay busy and fill in those resume gaps. Contract work in your industry is desirable, as it helps you to keep your professional skills and education up-to-date.

Volunteer. Volunteering is another way to bridge the gap between employment opportunities. Consider seeking a volunteer position related to your field of work. For example, if you’re an IT professional, you might assist a non-profit organization with their technical challenges or teach programming to children.

Be ready to explain. Any good recruiter or hiring manager will ask about gaps in your employment history. Fumbling over your response will raise a red flag. Rehearse your explanation and be sure to keep it brief and honest.

Get some training. Taking training classes or finally getting that certification you’ve been meaning to get are excellent ways to fill in employment gaps. That way, when you do get back to work, you can help differentiate yourself from the pack.

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