Job seekers, in general, have a tedious process ahead of them when looking for a new job. There are a host of job boards out there, and we understand how awful it might seem to sift through the openings. We especially recognize those of you tech masters, with niche talents and specific skill sets. Finding your ideal job openings can be tough. You’re more than IT. You’re more than data or design. But the mainstream job boards, like Indeed or Monster, are filled with unrelated, general IT positions that can make it seem impossible to find your relatable openings. We get it. So today, we’re highlighting 17 tech-friendly job boards, just for you.

1. Geekwork
This job has a busy feel to it and an endless variety of positions available. These are typically US-based and feature a robust selection of system admin type positions. It also has a great network feature that can be helpful in making connections with fellow professionals.

2. Jobs for DevOps
This job board is centered on development operations and is generally considered the authority in the DevOps space. There is an increased need for these candidates, among employers, and many of those companies come here to find talent.

3. DataJobs
This website offers tremendous resources in developing big data skills. It was founded by a scientist with a specific understanding of this space. It has a constant flurry of activity. It mentions upfront that these skills are rare, and there is a huge demand for talent in these fields. Find data and analytics roles, as well as engineering. Director and management positions are included, and jobs are represented across the US.

4. Hire Tech Ladies
This is a members-only community designed to offer support to women in the field of IT. It is a great resource for job openings and advice for job seekers and boasts 50,000 tech women in membership.

5. Jobbatical
If you’re looking for an opportunity to relocate, travel abroad, or change your scenery, this is the tech-friendly job board for you. Employers post their openings on this site with international potential, as they expand their IT teams globally.

6. Angel.co
This site is the start-up company’s job board. Those fresh emerging, sometimes Silicon Valley leading tech geniuses are always looking for strong and brilliant tech professionals to join them on the ground floor. These are exclusively start-up companies, many offering equity to those who join early.

7. Dice
You’re more than likely familiar with Dice as it is considered the largest technology job board. It features a wide-open range of all tech-related positions and allows the employers to browse candidates’ information and social platforms as well. This provides them the ability to check out your profile and hone their selection process.


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8. LinkedIn
Ok, so LinkedIn isn’t necessarily tech-centric. It can be, however, a gold mine for career potential. As a leading professional networking platform, many C-Level decision makers, Recruiters, and Managers start here when first opening a position. You might not spend a great of time hunting for a job here, but it’s in your best interest to have a strong profile. It wouldn’t hurt to make new connections with those companies you’d like to work with as well.

9. r/Sysadminjobs
Reddit is a great place to source job openings and make connections. This subreddit is usually full of positions that range from entry-level to senior-level tech.

10. iCrunchData
Some of the larger companies will post cloud base and data-related jobs here. In addition to reviewing potential openings, you can upload your resume for candidate consideration. All you have to do is build yourself a job seeker account to get started.

11. Indeed
Indeed can be a tremendous resource for those looking to change IT positions. While not entirely tech-based as a job board, many of the leading tech giants will post open positions here. It might also be a great way to get your resume to a company recruiter, looking to fill other positions.

12. Glassdoor
Glassdoor can be an outlet for openings for sure. But, it’s also an ideal opportunity to look into the various companies that have piqued your interests. Glassdoor offers estimated salary suggestions and pay scales, along with employee reviews. You can learn more about what you’re worth and the company at which you plan to interview.

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13. Hired.com
This site promotes a candidate controlled environment. As a job searcher, you can build a free profile, showcasing your credentials and talent. Potential employers will then browse the profiles and reach out to best-fit candidates. It may not be a site you spend a ton of time with, but it could work in your favor, especially if you have unique tech and IT knowledge.

14. Ladders
If the position you’re looking for is considered a higher-level IT role, you might want to explore Laddders.com for openings. This site promotes only the top-level companies with the utmost skilled level candidate consideration.

15. GitHub
GitHub is that most software developers already know about, but you may not initially connect it with a job board resource. There’s a user-friendly job search area, designated to techie job seekers. Most are programming, data, and engineer related. Check it out and browse the openings often.

16. Uncubed
Companies with openings on this site range from start-ups to Fortune 500. Typical tech jobs include UI/UX, product management, data science, data engineering, software, and marketing. This is a great resource, too, if your tech experience translates into other sales or digital marketing related fields.

17. Mashable
So this may be where you go to browse the latest in tech news. But, you can also take a peek at the job board as well. Keyword search your relevant field of expertise and see what openings are available right now.

Bonus: Akraya
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