Akraya Inc. co-Founder and CEO Amar Panchal

Akraya, Inc. is pleased to announce that we have been a recognized as a winner in the 2022 Bay Area Best Places to Work, an awards program presented by the San Francisco Business Times and the Silicon Valley Business Journal.

According to the journal:

Santa Clara-based IT consulting and staffing company Akraya works with a range of midsize
companies and tech giants like Amazon, Cisco, Google, Yahoo and eBay. Last year, just as the delta
variant seemed to be waning, some of Akraya’s competitors began requiring their employees to return
to the office. Akraya CEO Amar Panchal met with his executive team and looked through the numbers
to see if they should do the same.

Their team was just as productive and motivated working remotely as they had been in the office, though. Why force them to come back? Their decision to embrace a remote workforce — just before the omicron variant sparked another surge of coronavirus cases — turned out to be a powerful recruiting tool.

“We ended up hiring a number of really, really good employees as a result of having the platform and
the flexibility to offer a remote workplace on an ongoing basis,” Panchal said.

Akraya has since become a virtual company, hiring more people all around the U.S. It still has its
headquarters in Santa Clara, where employees are welcome to come work as they choose and local
employees asked to come in for one team-building day per month