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Over the past 20+ years, Akraya has been at the forefront of innovation in the Staffing Industry. It’s no surprise that our Purpose is Delivering 3X Karma. The only staffing company to feature on Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work (3 years in a row). For over 10 years, Akraya is ranked on the Best Places to Work and in 2023 we won the coveted #1 Best Places to Work in the Bay area. Staffing Industry Analysts ranks us as the Best Staffing companies to temp for and work for.

Our creative employee benefits were featured as Forbes Top 10 perks in the country. Even in our early days of growth, we were Santa Clara’s only certified green business. Women Back to Work, Akraya’s diversity initiative, is the nation’s leading Return to Work Program and has impacted the lives and careers of thousands of women. We have led the way in offering diversity recruiting for our partners.

None of this is a coincidence, it is a result of deliberate and intentional actions and focused efforts. A core value that we live and breathe at Akraya is ‘Give Back’. So this year, we are very excited to launch our Thought Leadership series. Through these series, we hope to positively influence the industry by collaborating with our peers, our customers, and leaders. We hope to create a forum to exchange and share valuable ideas and insights that will drive innovation and inspire change. Together we can leave a lasting impact in our industry.


Diversity in the Contingent Workforce

August 2023

How to become a Best Places to Work company

September 2023

Why the world needs more women in leadership

October 2023

Diversity in the Contingent Workforce


growth in companies' contingent workforce since pre-pandemic times


of global executives rely heavily on contingent workers to meet their business objectives


of the total workforce in the U.S. is now contingent

Diversity in the Contingent Workforce

These trends highlight the importance of focusing inclusion efforts on both full-time employees and contingent workers, including consultants, temporary workers, and freelancers, for business success.

Technology organizations at companies see the highest ratios of diversity and gender imbalance. These are organizations that hire talent in both full-time and contingent roles. Contingent roles then become a funnel and a pipeline for conversions.

Prioritizing diversity and inclusion efforts in contingent workers has thus become ever so essential for staying competitive in today’s evolving and uncertain labor market.


Innovation and Problem-Solving

Diversity in the contingent workforce brings fresh ideas and alternative perspectives, fostering innovation and effective problem-solving. 


Skill Diversity and Talent Pool

Embracing diversity expands the talent pool, allowing access to a wider range of skills, expertise, and knowledge within the contingent workforce.


Improved Decision-Making and Risk Mitigation

Diverse teams contribute to better decision-making processes by considering multiple perspectives and minimizing biases, resulting in improved risk mitigation strategies.


Employee Engagement and Retention

A diverse contingent workforce creates a positive work environment, increasing employee engagement, satisfaction, and retention.


Meeting Customer and Market Demands

Reflecting the diversity of customers and markets, a diverse contingent workforce enables organizations to better understand and meet the evolving needs and preferences of their target audience.

Let diversity lead your organization toward success.