A Customer Success Story


As the Google workforce returned to the office after state-imposed, pandemic-related restrictions, there was a need to fully understand the requirements, access, and tools needed for each team to work effectively in a new home/office hybrid work model.

In addition, there was also a need to take this information and use it to design and implement an online portal/interface that provides access to these tools and applications.


The Akraya team began by conducting quantitative (numbers, measurable)
and qualitative (descriptive, non-measurable) research to get a complete
picture of what was needed for Google’s workforce. They then analyzed the
data and proceeded to build multiple, custom solutions for each individual


Within a few weeks, the team was able to design and launch an internal survey to collect the needed data. This data was then used to implement a comprehensive plan to roll out the needed solution for each team. The end result was an uninterrupted transition to a home/office hybrid working environment for Google employees and a very happy management team.




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