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Jeff Monaghan

10 Best Tips to Effectively Work With Technical Recruiters

working_with_recruiter Working with a recruiter may be the ticket to landing the perfect job. But you must do it right. Both you and the recruiter have your own priorities. They want to fill the position and get their commission. You need a job. The agendas work together well. It’s important to know how to work with a recruiter in a way that will create a win-win situation.

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Nehal Barot

The Top Cloud Computing Conferences Around The U.S.

top_cloud_conferences Nearly all enterprises across the globe believe and understand that cloud computing has become a key area in today’s business landscape. They are leveraging cloud offerings so as to gain tangible benefits (think streamlining supply chain processes, boosting information transparency, improving decision-making, reducing costs, etc.) and, hence sharpen their competitive edge. In fact, according to figures from Forrester, close to 60 percent of enterprises based in North America now rely on public cloud platforms, five times the percentage that did just six years ago.

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