Top 5 Benefits of MSP Recruitment

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Top 5 Benefits of MSP Recruitment

Tapping into the contingent workforce enables businesses to address workforce gaps, drive revenue goals, and encourage innovation. But managing a contingent workforce can be a complicated endeavor.

How can businesses attract the highest quality talent for the roles they need to fill? And how can they ensure competitive and fair rates? All while maintaining compliance with everchanging rules and regulations. Many organizations turn to a Managed Services Provider (MSP) to navigate these hiring challenges.

Simply put, an MSP recruitment is an outsourced provider that oversees the management and administration of a company’s contingent workforce. It’s true that MSP cost efficiency is a major reason companies consider this solution. But this talent model boasts many other benefits that enhance contingent workforce planning and overall business performance.

Ultimately, MSPs strive to help organizations deploy the right talent at the right time, and at the right cost.

Top 5 Benefits of MSP Recruitment

  1. Flexible and scalable growth
  2. Streamlined program visibility
  3. Compliant contingent workforce solution
  4. Access to skilled and diverse talent
  5. Centralized data and reporting

1. Flexible and scalable growth

Temporary staffing allows businesses to adapt quickly to changing market conditions. These contingent workers provide a highly flexible solution to achieve greater business agility. MSPs work with different contingent talent providers and offer a variety of skills when your existing supply is low.

For example, Akraya is a talent acquisition and staffing agency that provides highly technical temporary workers for MSPs. This gives businesses the flexibility to scale up or down quickly as the economic circumstances fluctuate. Regardless of locations or markets, MSPs provide a consistent and positive experience for hiring managers.

2. Streamlined program visibility

A major challenge for businesses implementing a contingent workforce program is visibility. Without a clear understanding of spending parameters, how can organizations know their cost savings or supply chain?

MSPs allow companies to measure their program performance accurately and efficiently. With a managed service program in place, businesses can gain insights into critical growth metrics, including:

  • Level of spend
  • Time to fill
  • Quality of placement
  • Turnover data
  • Manager satisfaction
  • Program participation

This level of visibility is what drives hiring success. With these metrics, you can be sure your decisions are what’s best for your workforce and your overall growth strategy.

3. Compliant contingent workforce solution

Contingent workforce management must comply with all local rules and regulations. Often times, businesses place themselves in unnecessary risk and liability by engaging with alternative work arrangements.

A structured managed staffing model offers the stability and peace of mind when it comes to compliance best practices. MSPs provide experience and expertise with local, regional and international regulations and processes.

A prime example of compliance considerations would be employment classification status. If a worker is incorrectly categorized as an independent contractor, a company may be liable for fines, back taxes, and lawsuits. MSPs understand this and can help with taxation management, data privacy initiatives, and supplier management.

4. Access to skilled and diverse talent

In today’s competitive market, businesses need access to highly-skilled and diverse talent to take them to the next level. MSP recruitment is especially valuable when it comes to technology skills required to support digital transformations. This has been particularly true with the recent rise of remote working environments.

MSPs are highly effective when it comes to building strategic relationships with vendors in the staffing industry. Direct sourcing and managed talent pools offers your organization a flexible model of engaging and deploying temporary workers. Fostering these relationships ensures greater cost savings and qualified contingent talent.

MSP recruitment also offers the expertise to build, nurture and source from vast talent pools. When talent isn’t as readily available through direct sourcing, MSPs have the resources to keep your operations running smoothly.

5. Centralized data and reporting

Centralized workforce data provides businesses with the insights they need to make data-driven decisions. However, many organizations lack the technological infrastructure or domain expertise to utilize or understand labor trends and data.

Most Managed Service Providers have robust analytic platforms that feature predictive analytics, labor market intelligence tools, and user-friendly reporting dashboards. This information empowers hiring and contingent workforce managers with data such as:

  • Skill needs
  • Spend habits
  • Supplier performance
  • Fulfillment efficiency
  • Other workforce issues

Using a historical analysis of available skills, your hiring manager can quickly determine the types of talent they need for success. Additionally, it creates a framework for future total talent management goals.

How Akraya Supports MSPs

Akraya is a top technology consulting firm and staffing agency. Throughout the years, we have worked with MSPs to provide the highest quality talent for your business goals. As an award-winning strategic supplier, we have consistently been named one of the best staffing firms to temp for.

We understand how great people fuel great growth and success. We actively recruit within nearly all the leading managed staffing program provider environments. Leveraging expertise and advanced technology, we respond quickly and accurately with the best candidates for your needs. Akraya is a uniquely qualified staffing model for your contingent workforce.