job_boardsThe days of meticulously poring over newspapers in search of work are over. If you have an internet connection and a well-charged smart phone or computer, you’ve got millions of potential new employers at your fingertips. Companies seeking to streamline the hiring process do so by posting their positions to a number of job boards on the internet. This is a brief review of some of the common and niche job boards that you may encounter online.


CareerBuilder is a simple site whose goal appears to be to get your resume in as many employers’ faces as possible. Its most prominent (and useful) feature is Quick Apply. After you manually submit a job application, which is a simple three-step process, CareerBuilder finds you literally dozens of similar jobs to which you can mass Quick Apply. Instead of spending valuable time and energy perfecting one job application, you can send several of them simultaneously.

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Indeed is one of the more well-known job boards online. It’s got a variety of jobs available and has a very no-frills user interface. You can sort by estimated salary, type of employment, location, and business. It also offers a quick apply option that is similar in form to that of CareerBuilder, but a bit simpler.

Monster is essentially a more graphically heavy version of Indeed. It’s got a lot of moving parts (literally), so can be a bit overwhelming for the inexperienced job searcher. But it offers a wealth of resources, including horoscopes, career advice, and resume templates.

LinkedIn, while it can be defined as a way to find jobs, is more of a way for jobs to find you. Posting on this “vocational media platform” makes you searchable by who you know and what you’ve done. It can feel invasive for people who just want to find jobs, so be wary of this. It also offers an “EasyApply” function that is better than Monster’s but not as sweeping as CareerBuilder’s.

Github Jobs 
GitHub is a development platform that allows users to create and view software code. As such, it’s a great opportunity for software developers to find jobs. GitHub Jobs offers a very limited pool of jobs with the company, most of which are limited to GitHub’s most prime locations. So unless you’re willing to relocate, GitHub Jobs may not be for you.