3 Cover Letter Tips for Your IT Job Search


cover_letterIn a sea of cover letters, how do you make yours stand out? Check-out the three cover letter tips described below.

Creative Format
Consider having a little clean fun with your cover letter format. Express your creative side without getting messy or kooky, but use your IT skills to make your cover letter stand-out from the rest. From strategically placed graphs to old-school programming fonts, consider making your cover letter uniquely themed to your personality and skill set. Give your words a face in that faceless sea of cover letters!

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Beyond Job Tasks
Most people reading an IT cover letter understand that those applying have the skill-set to perform the job, so the decision-making process turns on other factors that make candidates stand-out. Experience is great, but it’s likely that other IT professionals have similar work experience. Focus on 1) any job task or you improved at other jobs, and 2) the changes you implemented at other jobs, such as altering processes for increased efficiency, and 3) the results of these improvements and implementations: think results backed by numbers/data.

Unique Perspective
Increasingly, managers are seeking employees that are innovative. You’ve probably heard over and over to give a blurb in your cover letter about how awesome the company is and how you fit into their culture, etc., but everyone else probably knows this as well. Again, make your cover letter stand-out by referencing something unique that you researched or found-out about the company that others may not know: show how you’re already an insider.

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