Getting the Most Out of Consultants by Making Them Feel Like Part of the Team


Consultants play an important part in growing businesses by providing expertise and experience. But in order for consultants to really make an impact in the company, they need to feel like they are more than an outsider doing temporary work. Here are some tips for making consultants feel like part of the team.

1. Make it clear who the consultant is working with

There’s nothing worse for a consultant than to come in for a specific project only to be thrown tasks from every direction, with little direction on the core project, team goals and major players. A consultant isn’t typically hired to perform odd jobs. Consultants are hired for a specific reason, project or goal. Make sure employees and the consultant understand who, exactly, the consultant is working with and on which projects. Clear communication is essential for on-going success.

2. Set up a method for checking in

A consultant can easily feel like s(he) is working in a vacuum, so make a point to set up some way for the consultant to measure and their progress and share achievements. It might be as simple as a weekly email, or it could be a monthly meeting depending on the project and time commitments.

3. Give credit and accolades when they are due

While a consultant isn’t a company employee, they are doing work that helps the team and the business grow. Show appreciation by saying “thank you” and giving credit when it is due for successful project deliverables. A little bit of gratitude will go a long way in a consulting partnership and will make it more likely that a consultant will continue to be successful in the field.

These are just a few ways to make a consultant feel like part of the team, which will give them a better feeling for the company as a whole and will build a long-lasting working partnership.

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