There’s really no way around it, people use mobile devices. And they use all kinds of mobile devices that are upgraded, evolving and continuously in use. All of this means that the field of UI/UX is greatly in-demand in the mobile industry. But what do those acronyms mean and what jobs are available?


A device’s user interface (UI) is the interaction every user has with an app, the goal of which is to enable a user to simply and efficiently perform tasks or reach an objective. As you might have noticed, some apps just work better than others. Refilling a prescription is easy, checking your credit card charges is quick and purchasing extra lives on Candy Crush Saga is a snap.

A user interface expert knows how to build apps and a good user interface expert knows how to build apps efficiently, and provide users with a highly intuitive interface.


User experience (UX) is how you feel when you use the app. Are the buttons where you expect them to be? Is the interface clean, is it responsive? From the moment you initiate the app to the moment you close it out, are you inspired to use the app again?

User experience consultants are responsible for creating a positive user experience. UX consultants rely on a range of skills from diverse backgrounds, including psychology, art and visual design. A UX consultant understands how individuals react to different stimuli and what people expect and need. They do research and perform tests to ensure proper usability.

Getting the Job

Along with a portfolio showcasing your work and designs, emphasizing skills and adaptability are essential when applying for UI and UX jobs. The Huffington Post recently reported that a major job board posted over 6,000 available positions within the UI/UX field. The jobs are definitely out there. To break into the field, hone some extra skills.

UI experts are expected to have knowledge of and experience with front-end technologies like HTML, CSS and Javascript. Additionally your portfolio should demonstrate expertise with web development frameworks such as Ruby on Rails, Django and Stratus. A UI expert knows how to create an interface that efficiently pushes and pulls data.

UX consultants are responsible for the human side of the experience. Having a background in psychology, art and visual design, as well as a solid understanding of web development tools are key.

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