Five Hot IT Job Skills for 2015


Information Technology (IT) has always been a bit of a different animal in the job search world. A properly skilled IT job searcher tends to have more opportunities presented to them than perfectly polished candidates in other industries. That’s mostly because IT is still an industry that has considerably high demand for talent and constantly evolving skill sets that require top notch professionals in a variety of capacities. Therefore, an IT professional needs to remain constantly aware of the top skills needed to stay relevant and continue financially beneficial employment.

A recent study by Computerworld surveyed 194 IT executives and identified some hot IT job skills for 2015. The following is a listing of five of them that seem particularly noteworthy:

  1. Security Please! – Whether its Target, Home Depot, or even Apple, no company wants to see their name and logo associated with a security breach on the evening news. It’s very bad for business. Many high level IT executives surveyed say they will be expanding their workforce for security skilled employees.
  2. Goin’ Mobile – Tough to determine these days if devices are getting smaller or bigger, (see iPhone 6 Plus) but one thing that’s not changing is that employees, like everyone else, want to be mobile. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is becoming more popular and companies want to accommodate. For these reasons, employees that are skilled in mobile app development and device management strategies should continue to enjoy a high level of demand.
  3. Go Big or Go Home – Big data isn’t going anywhere. In fact, it seems to be ever going further and further. Therefore, job openings relating to big data seem to have a limitless lifespan.
  4. Project Management – If you’ve already got what it takes to land a highly desirable position within the IT industry, acquiring large scale project management skills can be a perfect complement to ensure your value for an entire career.
  5. A Developing Story – It’s tough to think of programming still being talent-starved, but developers are still in high demand. So much so that companies still appear to be more likely to hire talented developers than any of the other four skill sets previously mentioned.

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