Answers to Common Job Interview Questions

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Interviewing for a job is a scary experience. After all, your interviewer is making an important decision that will affect your future. If you answer a question in the wrong way, you could ruin your chances of working for the company. To help you prepare for your next interview, here are a few good answers to common job interview questions.

“What are your weaknesses?”

Some people believe that the best way to answer this question is to describe a so-called “weakness” that is actually a strength. If your answer to this question is that you are too much of a perfectionist, your interviewer will see right through you. Instead, give an actual weakness and examples to demonstrate that you are actively working on it. A good example is to say that you have found yourself procrastinating on projects that seem large and daunting because you don’t know where to start. You may give many examples of how you’ve recently overcome analysis paralysis of a large project by breaking it up into hour-long action-items or by breaking the project up into prioritized pieces. Remember that whatever you say should be true and unique to your specific experience.

“Do you have leadership experience?”

This question is sometimes asked even when you’re not interviewing for a managerial position. If this is the case, your interviewer might be looking for someone who will step-up and make informed decisions when an authority figure isn’t available. Or they may be looking for someone who isn’t afraid to accept responsibilities beyond your normal duties. You can frame your response around these sentiments. Just because you weren’t a supervisor or team leader doesn’t mean that you don’t have leadership experience. You can use experience from a club or volunteer project or even just a time when you helped someone at work learn how to do something. We all have some sort of leadership experience, so don’t assume that you aren’t qualified just because you have never been in a managerial position.

“Why do you want this job?”

There are two ways that you can go wrong when answering this question. One way is to be too honest, which means that you tell your interviewer that you want the job because you need the money. The other way is to be dishonest, which would include telling them that it would fulfill all of your dreams to be hired to work for this company. There is nothing wrong with showing admiration for a company, but don’t lather on the compliments too much. Just explain to them why you are interested in the company specifically and how your career goals align with the requirements of the position.

These are just a few of the most common interview questions. Take some time to research and practice before going to your interview. Being prepared ahead of time will make the interviewing process much easier.

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