How to Handle Three Tough Interview Types

Job interviews are typically what cause great candidates to turn into mush and because the hiring process is such a meticulous event for employers, candidates have to really match the company’s profile. For this reason, employers put huge amounts of stock into the interview so job candidates should go to great lengths to prepare, especially if they want to wow them.

If you want to ace a job interview, take heed and learn to cope with these three situations:

Behavioral Interviews: When employers ask questions related to job experiences where you have succeeded (like when you increased productivity or overcame a tough dilemma), what they are looking for is insight into past situations that you could use to fill the open position. Thus, it is best to be prepared beforehand to dazzle them with anecdotes of your greatness and how you delivered positive results.

Video Interviews: With a large amount of tech companies and other distance-oriented jobs becoming easier to apply for thanks to the Internet, interviews via the web are becoming more popular. Before you have an interview involving a webcam, do a “tech check” before the meeting and be sure to dress just as you would if you were traveling to meet them in person. Also, don’t forget that where the interview is held is also important, so tidy up the background.

Group Interviews: While this approach isn’t as common as the first two, group interviews are a popular choice by employers who need to fill several positions at once while gauging interpersonal relations among candidates. To stand out, assert yourself but be respectful of your peers. Don’t interrupt others but project and let your voice be heard. Even though you know that all of you are competing for the same job, be courteous and treat the others like colleagues.

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