The hottest job skills for 2014: Working on mobile software and design

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The Next Web recently came out with an article predicting the top 10 Web design trends you’ll see in the coming year.  They range from interesting kinds of typography to long scrolling websites.  There’s also the strong push to continue making mobile-friendly websites and increase mobile presence in general.

As an increasing number of people use mobile devices, businesses will seek out employees with skills in mobile web design and software development.  Whatever relevant field you intend to work in, from IT more generally to graphic design for the web, some of the hottest job skills you could offer your employer now will be brought to bear in these areas:

App development 

There are mobile apps for practically every area of life now.  Businesses are using them in increasingly sophisticated ways to reach out to consumers and make apps a part of the business brand.  If you have the creativity to come up with ideas for popular and powerful apps, and if on top of that you also have the technical proficiency to develop an app, employers will tend to be pleased.  It also helps to understand what makes an app easily navigable and cleanly designed and eye-catching; remember that people use mobile apps from anywhere, including when they’re on the go and don’t have time to decipher complex menus and features.

Mobile-friendly website design and development

At minimum, businesses will want their websites to look good on a small mobile device.  You need to know what features will make a website aesthetically pleasing and functional on a small screen and well-adapted to the ways people browse the web on a mobile device. 

Beyond focusing on the appearance and functionality of the site, it can also be important to make use of the environment of apps and the features of the devices themselves.  A company’s website could be integrated with its apps, with the geolocation functions of a device, and with social media.  At minimum, you need to have an understanding of the mobile device environment and how its different components can come together to make for a seamless user experience.

Mobile security

People are concerned about privacy issues when using mobile devices; they’re also concerned about attempts to hack into their device.  If you have the creativity and technical proficiency to come up with security solutions for mobile devices, you’ll be offering a valuable skill set to employers.

Being able to create, design and develop for mobile environments is an important advantage to bring to employers. Check out Akraya’s lasted IT job opening.

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