Benefits of Having an Interactive Resume

interactive resume

As technology constantly changes, so does the way people apply for jobs. Currently, there is a BIG trend using interactive resumes. Interactive resumes are a way to showcase your relevant work experience in a new and creative way to potential employers. The biggest benefit is that your interactive resume can be easily shared online, increasing your chances of getting an interview. Below are a few examples of how you can use your interactive resume to its full potential.

Resume Sociability

Companies are increasingly using social media to search for new potential candidates. The utilization of social media provides an effective tool for job seekers to easily share their interactive resumes with hiring managers. You are now able to get your resume in front of numerous employers with a click of a mouse.

Twitter Resume

Have you ever heard of the 30 second elevator pitch? Well you can do the same thing on Twitter by effectively using 140 characters or less. Job seekers can tweet to companies with a link to their interactive resume. Make sure your Twitter account is private if you are tweeting your resume to more than one company.

QR Codes

A QR code is a small square barcode image that when scanned with a mobile device, can send a hiring manager straight to your interactive resume online. A QR code on an effectively written resume can provide pictures of completed projects or images or other accomplishments. This will impress companies looking to hire for technical, creative and marketing positions.

Written Resumes

All the latest technology has not changed the power of a well-written resume. Being able to present a well-written resume on nice paper prior to an interview is important. Resumes still need to be focused, precise and measured. Resumes need to appeal to a particular position and the company who is offering the job. Statistics and other figures can represent a person’s capabilities and qualify their experience. It’s no longer important to place “References Available Upon Request.” Finding a way to show what managers say about a candidate is more effective. Third party testimonials at the very top of a resume from LinkedIn and similar online working networks can help.

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