Best Managed IT Staffing Solutions

Managed IT Staffing

Best Managed IT Staffing Solutions

A Managed IT Service Provider (MSP) is an organization or independent contractors that handles IT for a business. It works closely with businesses and deals with all kinds of IT services and solutions.

Managed service providers are important for organizations in the present day and age. They come with much reduced risks. In any case, this makes them an invaluable asset.

A managed service provider takes care of all support and project management updates. This allows experts to focus on their business instead of worrying about their IT system capabilities and we at Akraya ensure that you get the best staffing experience.

A survey predicts that by 2025, over 60% of organizations will rely on Managed Service Providers (MSPs). This will drive the development of the US Managed Services Market. It is expected to reach a value of USD 72.88 billion by 2026.

Organizations need to have unique ways for talent acquisition so that they can incorporate cost savings, without compromising daily operations by hiring tech wizards.

According to research conducted by Grand View, it is reported that the worldwide MSP market was esteemed at $239.71 billion of every 2021 and is supposed to develop to $267.35 billion this year.

Hiring managers need to understand the different MSP programs and choose the right staffing agencies.


Types of staffing

  1. Contract: This type of staffing is on contract basis. It can be either for a short-term or long -term assignment depending upon the requirements of an organization. Contingent labor or worker is the best choice when it comes to contract works.
  2. Direct: This is the type of staffing where talents are hired immediately without the process of contract.
  3. Direct to Hire: This happens when IT talents are bound to work on a contract-basis before they are directly hired for full time work. It is more like a trial basis hire.
  4. Statement of Work: This is where the clients hold the power to state their requirements of a project, and the IT talent delivers the best result.


 Our Hiring Process

  1. Aligning your needs with your goal: It is important to see the bigger picture when you are trying to find talents to work for you.  Analyzing your weak points and strengths is a good way to start. It will help you understand, which areas you need to focus on while making staffing decision.
  2. Incorporating training plan for your existing employees: This will help your employees get aligned to the company goals while also learning new set of skills.
  3. Adopt remote working methods: Do not be afraid to jump into the pool of organizations where remote working is normal.

This way of working from the comfort of your home will help your employees more at ease, is cost-saving and increase productivity in the long run like we do at Akraya.  It is a great way of ensuring compliance.


Why should you choose Akraya?

We don’t just claim to be the best, we are the best when it comes to best IT staffing solutions and we can prove it.

Akraya has been honoured with awards like: Best Staffing Firm to Temp for, Best Places to Work, Diverse Supplier of the Year, Agile One: Best of the Best, Allegis Strategic Partner, and the list goes on.

When it comes to workforce management for your IT needs, Akraya is all you need to trust and have faith on.