3 Ways to Showcase Soft Skills at Your Technical Interview


communication technical interviewHiring Managers typically focus on technical skills when they interview candidates for technical positions. But don’t make the mistake of thinking they don’t notice your soft skills, too. In fact, having the right soft skills, also known as people skills, can help you stand out from a crowded field of technical candidates. Here are three things you can do in your next interview to showcase your soft skills.

Embrace Teamwork
Software Engineers are often known for wanting to be left alone. And who can blame them when quiet periods of work are often the most productive? But managers usually rely on teams, not individuals, to get projects done. So, be sure to mention any past projects where you’ve successfully worked within a team or with other departments. You can also talk about the times you’ve mentored new hires or shared knowledge with fellow team members. Both of these subjects will highlight your ability to embrace teamwork and work well with others.

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Project Confidence, Not Arrogance
No one wants to work with someone who thinks they know everything, even if they do. If you have a condescending attitude at your interview, you can bet the managers will be wary of hiring you. Instead, speak confidently about your skills and your work, but be careful about how you critique other people or other ideas. If you have to complete a coding challenge, don’t talk about how useless it was. Instead, speak calmly and knowledgeably about your approach. And if you have to discuss your time with a previous employer, it’s okay to mention differences of opinion. Just don’t do it in a way that shows disdain or disrespect.

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Communicate Your Communication Skills
Managers value employees who can communicate well with others. This can prevent countless headaches when it comes to complex projects or tight deadlines. Find ways to mention any projects where you had to rely on open communication with others to get the work done. And be sure to discuss situations where your ability to communicate well contributed to the success of a project. Whether it’s verbally or in writing, the ability to communicate effectively can set you apart from other technical candidates.