Akraya’s 500 Acts of Gratitude


As we enter the final quarter of 2023—a year marked by the Global Recession, the Ukraine war, an energy crisis, soaring inflation, ongoing COVID-19 challenges, and local layoffs—Akraya remains steadfast in its commitment to our Purpose: delivering 3X Karma to our customers, consultants, and employees. Our core values of #OwnIt, #Urgency, #Learn, and #GiveBack drive every action we take. This year, amid challenging times, we continue to live by these values. Embracing the season of giving, the Akraya team chose a ‘Gratitude Drive’ as our theme for this quarter. (Each quarter, Akrayans unite under a common theme that binds us together.) This quarterly theme resonates with our Core Value of Giving Back. Through giving, we receive immeasurable fulfillment, knowing we’ve made a positive impact on others’ lives.

So, what exactly is the ‘Gratitude Drive’? It’s a collective goal—500 acts of giving back or 500 acts of Karma—by our teams worldwide. These acts represent the profound impact of our actions, a sum of individual efforts creating a wave of Gratitude. With infectious enthusiasm, our team launched our Gratitude Drive, embracing the spirit of service and philanthropy. Over the past weeks, we’ve witnessed meaningful contributions to the local communities where our teams reside and work.

Akrayans were spotted across India, caring for and nurturing street animals—cats, dogs, and cattle. We fitted reflective collars on dogs to protect them from vehicular accidents. We volunteered at women’s centers and orphanages, planted trees, donated books to libraries and clothes to shelters, and mentored those seeking to rebuild their careers after layoffs. Many signed up for organ donation. We dedicated time at Second Harvest Food Banks, with our CEO personally donating blood and driving hours to deliver clothes and blankets to the homeless in San Jose. An Akrayan coached teens on building confidence and coping with peer pressure, while others volunteered at churches. Our Women Back to Work team participated in food distribution at the Sacred Hearts Community Center. Akrayans volunteered at the Silicon Valley Santa Run Race packet pick-up, and ran a 5k marathon to raise funds for those in need.


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An Akrayan spent hours at old age homes—dressing residents, changing their diapers, making beds, assisting in personal care, and bringing joy to weathered faces. Others volunteered at schools for the blind, cancer centers, and helped in rescuing young people from drug addiction. Inspiring stories poured in daily, and with a few days left in the year, the Akraya team has surpassed all expectations, giving back tirelessly. As we look back on the year, our hearts are grateful for its blessings and triumphs. We appreciate our team’s unwavering support, our partners’ resilience, and our customers’ trust. With 500+ acts of kindness, we aimed to pay it forward.

Happy Holidays to everyone, and Happy Giving!


NOTE: Here is a list of many of the organizations Akrayans volunteered and gave back to. If you would like any additional information on any of our giving, please reach out to Shradha.Shashidhar@akraya.com or Vaishali.sawant@akraya.com

In the US


Home | Second Harvest of Silicon Valley (shfb.org)

Santa Run Silicon Valley (santarunsv.com)

Sacred Heart Community Service (sacredheartcs.org)


In India

Tree Plantation Information, Blogs, Donation & CSR – Project Nelda

Hospice for Palliative Care – Home for Senior Citizens (kalpavrukshacare.com)