Hiring Returners

A Pfizer Success Story

Join us for an enlightening discussion as we explore Pfizer’s remarkable journey to enhance diversity in the workforce. Pfizer has taken concrete steps to make it happen. In this thought leadership event, we will shift our focus from “Why” diversity is crucial to the “How.” Our objective is to provide actionable insights that you can implement within your organization or business units. 

Event Agenda


The Pfizer Difference

Discover how Pfizer’s commitment to diversity extends beyond words and translates into action.


The Power of Returners

Understand why Pfizer chose to embrace returners as a valuable source of diverse talent. Learn what convinced them that this program could work and how it fits into their broader diversity initiatives.


Gaining Buy-in

Explore the challenges of getting buy-in for diversity initiatives, especially in locations or industries less mature than Pfizer. Hear insights on how to navigate these obstacles.


The Hiring Leader's Perspective

Delve into the mindset of a hiring leader at Pfizer, including their approach to evaluating resumes with employment gaps. Gain insights on how to replicate this approach in your organization.


Onboarding Excellence

Learn how Pfizer’s onboarding experience contributes to the successful integration of returners and working mothers. Discover best practices for assimilating new hires, particularly those returning to the workforce.


Returnship 2.0 and Beyond

Gain insights into what worked best in Pfizer’s returnship program and how they plan to replicate this success as they expand to new sites.


Making Diversity a Priority

Explore why Pfizer continues to prioritize diversity and inclusion initiatives, even in challenging markets. Understand the value they see in driving these programs and the diverse perspectives of each panelist.


The Power of Full-Service Returnship Programs

Uncover how full-service returnship programs can drive exceptional DEI results. See the unique role Women Back to Work plays in Pfizer’s accomplishments.

This event will provide you with actionable takeaways and valuable insights to help you drive diversity initiatives within your organization. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from Pfizer’s success and gain inspiration for your own journey toward building a more diverse and inclusive workforce. 

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