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Perfectly Qualified? Make Your Resume Stand Out!

It can be tough to get an interview in a job market where multitudes of equally-qualified people are fighting for the very same position. So, it’s your job to make your resume stand out from all of the others. We aren’t suggesting that you resort to using brightly colored paper or unusual fonts. Instead, you should try to highlight certain things in your resume that will work in your favor. Here are several tips will point you in the right direction.

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Career Death… By a Resume?

Can a resume kill your chances of getting the job you are dying for? You bet! Your resume is one of your most effective weapons on your path to nail your dream position: it can serve its “master” and help you get noticed or it can make your profile get buried under a pile of competitor applications. If you have ever wondered why you don’t get a call back for a position that you seemed to be pitch perfect for, take a closer look at your resume and you might find the key to the problem.

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