Five Signs You Are with the Right IT Staffing Firm (Job Seekers Edition)

The right IT Staffing firm

There are two sides to this coin: one for the job-seeking employee, and the other for the talent-seeking company. In this blog post, let’s look at it from the point of view of job seekers.

There are around 8.6 million job seekers out there in the U.S. and around 10 million job openings. And 3.72 million of these jobs are in the field of IT. If you are one of these 8.6 million seekers looking to land into one of the 3.72 million IT jobs — and are considering going through an IT staffing firm— then how do you know if you’ve found the right firm? 

Here are the five signs you are with the Right IT Staffing Firm:

  1. You are asked to ask questions.

    If you are with the right IT staffing firm, the firm should ask you to ask questions. Asking the firm questions related to how they can help with your career, interview prep, resume, and the like can help one succeed as an employee. And once you land a job with the firm, you want to have the freedom to ask questions about your performance, projects, and future opportunities. How the staffing firm answers these questions can help you understand how your work impacts the company you work for and how your company impacts the industry as a whole. Asking questions is a sign of curiosity which leads to learning — which leads to thriving and then to significance — so the right IT staffing firm should be giving their talents the privilege of asking questions.

  2. The firm supports your career decisions.

    Some agencies are in such a rush to fill in their clients’ vacant roles that they end up matching any available talent with the immediately available roles. This is not the ideal way for a staffing firm to operate. You’d know right away if you’re under the care of the right IT staffing firm when they want to know how you want to build your career path. An unparalleled skill in web design might make you an irreplaceable candidate for any web design role, but the right firm will respect and support your decision should you want a shift to web development or even graphic design.

  3. You feel a sense of accountability.

    You feel a sense of accountability, and you are in charge of your own work. The right firm does not do spoon-feeding. It lets you take ownership of your work for you to grow in that field on your own — but simultaneously provides the right amount of support and counseling when needed. Accountability breeds responsibility. The firm that holds its talent accountable exercises empowerment and growth.

  4. You can speak your mind.

    The greatest leaders are the ones who listen to their team. The right It staffing firm does the same. Maggie Kuhn, an American activist known for founding the Gray Panthers movement, once said, “Speak your mind even if your voice shakes.” When you as the IT professional can speak what’s on your mind, when you’re encouraged to be more audacious by your IT staffing firm, that means you’re under the right care. Being given the privilege to speak your mind means your thoughts matter.

  5. You feel valued at work.

    This goes without saying, but mostly not in an elaborate way. IT staffing agencies deal with multiple clients and a significant number of consultants. When you land a job that makes you feel valued, that could mean two things. First, you’re exceptional. Second, the company you work for has a good working relationship with your IT staffing firm. If it’s the first reason, that means your firm indeed found the most appropriate job for you. Most of the time, the reasons are both.

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