A Customer Success Story


Google needed a multi-workstream, cross-team research effort to
measure satisfaction and sentiment for Google’s internal tools and
related processes. To do this, a survey needed to be designed and sent
to 11,000+ Googlers including the development of a data pipeline, in
partnership with data engineers, to extract, clean, and analyze the
survey data.


The Akraya team reviewed a wide range of survey tools including internally developed Google options. Once the best tool was selected, the team developed the first draft of a succinct, yet comprehensive, survey that would collect all of the required data to assess the sentiment of Google’s internal tools. In addition, the team met with a small number of data engineers to explain the goal of the survey and the type of data that needed to be extracted from the responses. The data engineers were then able to offer feedback on additional options for ways to structure the survey to yield the best results. Adjustments were made to the survey based on the data engineers’ feedback and the survey was launched.


The survey collected a rich set of data points and because the data
engineers had helped in designing the survey, it was a very
straightforward process to extract, clean, and present data that was easy
to analyze and act upon. The findings were then communicated to the
proper stakeholders for appropriate actions.




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