CASE STUDY: Cloud Computing Timely release

A Customer Success Story



Our client provides not only a business-to-consumer platform for selling goods, but a consumer-to-consumer one as well. The client was looking to support a global engineering platform for more than 300 concurrent projects for all of their build and release activities


Akraya’s team worked to ensure that any challenges faced by the project teams were immediately addressed. The engineering teams used the company’s own private cloud for all their development and testing work. Since the main business of the company was conducted via websites, continuous integration was an important part of the process. Thus the build and release activities were key and needed to be completed on time with no issues. The support team ensured that issues were dealt with quickly so that the deployments could happen with minimal time loss. The scope of the team included development, testing, sandbox, performance testing, pre-production, and even production environments for some applications.


The company tests all new features and products to ensure that the turnaround time is quick so the end customers are able to utilize them, which in turn leads to increased revenue for the company. Technology used included Jenkins, ClearCase, Chef, Puppet, Nagios, Klunk, and home grown tools.

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