CASE STUDY: AccelerateD Deployment

A Customer Success Story



Our client had decided to develop a private cloud. The objectives were:

  •  Assist application developers accelerate deployment of their applications.
  • Assist application support teams improve scalability of their applications.
  • Reduce wait time and improve throughput.
  • Quicken provisioning by utilizing virtualization to provide resources on request.

Akraya’s task was to build a private cloud deployment portal that would seamlessly and with minimal effort, allow application developers and support teams to access additional temporary computing resources. The portal was to be integrated with the PaaS APIs that created logical groups, clusters & load balancing, which in turn was integrated with IAS that virtualized computing resources on demand.


The Akraya Applications Development Team leveraged their expertise in visualizing, architecting, designing, building, and testing portals and created a high-performance portal that was effective, easy to use, and met all the specifications. The Akraya team was comprised of an Architect, a Technical Lead, as well as several Sr. Java Engineers and UI Engineers. They utilized a combination of Java, Ajax, jQuery, HTML 5, XML, and RESTful Web Services for building and testing the portal.


The private cloud has rapidly become a strategic application for the client.

  • Application Developers have been able to substantially accelerate
    deployment of their applications.
  • Application support teams are able to plan, rapidly respond to, and
    manage scalability challenges.

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