The Top 6 Cloud Engineering Salaries by Job


Top Cloud Engineering SalariesThe rapid adoption of cloud computing platforms by organizations around the world has led to a significant rise in career opportunities for cloud computing professionals. And as the cloud space has grown and matured, the jobs within cloud computing have matured as well, becoming better defined and more focused, especially in larger organizations.

Jobs related to cloud computing vary widely and take on different responsibilities according to a company’s requirements and the expectations. Salaries for these jobs vary as well depending on the needed skills and level of responsibility. Although with the high demand for these skilled workers, salaries within cloud computing are typically higher than most other job categories.

So, which cloud computing jobs pay the most? Below are the top six cloud computing jobs ranked by expected salary. 

  1. Enterprise Architect
    This is a senior position and calls for significant experience and a solid technical background in designing and developing cloud architecture, implementation, and delivery of large‐scale hardware and software systems. It also requires the ability to apply specialist knowledge to the technology/application as per client business and cloud strategy at an enterprise level.

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  2. Senior Solutions Architect
    Senior Solution Architects in the cloud arena are responsible for troubleshooting complex technical issues and have backgrounds in network planning and design, implementation, and operations. They typically need to apply business and technology skills with structured methodologies to deliver complex solutions to the customer. They lead a team of architects and engineers to design cloud solutions and are experts in solutioning.
  3. Solutions Architect
    This is an IT specialist who is at a mid career level and normally assigned tasks with deploying a company’s cloud computing strategy based on enterprise designs. This includes designing and implementing cloud adoption plans, cloud application design, and cloud management. They also develop and transition a good support model for the cloud.

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  4. Senior Systems Engineer (Computer Networking / IT)
    System engineers are responsible in working hands-on in developing and implementing public/hybrid cloud solutions and supporting them appropriately. They are usually engaged in designing, automating, and integrating other applications and optimizing cloud environments.
  5. Development Operations (DevOps) Engineer
    Typical DevOps engineer jobs include deploying, automating, monitoring, and alerts as well as maintaining and managing cloud based system and its various environments to ensure the availability, performance, scalability, and security of cloud solutions.
  6. Software Engineer
    Cloud Software Engineers write and maintain code for automating the creation of scalable, resilient systems and infrastructure in the cloud. They ensure all solutions are properly monitored and instrumented. They troubleshoot and resolve complex issues in development, test, and production environments.

The career path starts from a software engineer and depends on the area that the engineer gains experience. One can venture into designing cloud solutions as per business requirement to networking aspects and Cloud security. There are also many positions in supporting the Cloud platform and the skills in demand are offering good pay structures too.

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