Akraya Team Gives Back to Local School


akraya_thank_youOne of Akraya’s Core Values is giving back. And this value couldn’t have been demonstrated any better than what some of our team in the Pune office did recently.

Ruhana Shaikh is a Technical Recruiter in Akraya’s office in Pune, India. Aside from recruiting, Ruhana also helps run a non-profit school that is focused on giving children a chance at education who don’t have access to traditional schools. As with most non-profit schools running on a tight budget, Ruhana’s school often struggles with having enough supplies for their students. That is where the Akraya team stepped in to help. They donated stationary, books, crayons, drawing books, toys and other needed materials. It was a great display of giving back to the community. Ruhana was very thankful and so were the kids. They even sent some thank you cards.

thank you card 1 thank you card 2thank you card 3